[Samba] After net rpc vampire of 2000 users admin of user db has problems

Gustavo Lima listas at opendf.com.br
Thu Sep 30 20:05:36 GMT 2004


I was able to admin users and machines database via usrmgr.exe in a
samba3.0.7 + ldap server. I was able to set trusting domains too.

After I vampired my ex-PDC NT server usrmgr.exe stop working and trusting
stop to be showed.

usrmgr.exe gives the error:

The tag is invalid. Do you want to select another domain to administer?

And net rpc trustdom list -UAdministrator%passwd gives me:

Trusted domains list:

OTHER-DOM         S-1-5-21-136393487-307246644-928725530

Trusting domains list:

[2004/09/30 16:44:16, 0] utils/net_rpc.c:rpc_trustdom_list(3430)
  Couldn't enumerate accounts. Error was: NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED

Is this a known error between samba and ldap?

Other tools that I use to administer the users database also can´t show all
imported users. Just about 500. Is this correct?

Any answers will be grate.


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