[Samba] Moving from Samba 2.2.8 to 3.x

Bruce Embrey embrey at hood.edu
Thu Sep 30 18:17:53 GMT 2004

Samba Users:


I work in a Windows 2000 mixed mode environment. Soon they will be
switching to 2000 native mode running active directory. Currently I have
a samba server that is a member server in a NT domain. When a user from
the NT domain attaches to the samba server it automatically creates
their account and their home directory share (through a script). 


I imagine that I will need to generate a new SID for this machine to be
a member of the new domain. Once I upgrade the software from 2.2.8 to
3.x will it behave they same as it did before or do I need to contend
with additional configuration changes? Any assistance would be
appreciated either direct or any urls that I can refer to.


Bruce Embrey

Bruce Edward Embrey : Linux Systems Manager 
Campus Email Admin / NETREG : UNIX / Linux Administrator 
Hood College : embrey at hood.edu : Phone (301)696-3927


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