[Samba] Real-time file synchronisation

Chris Ricks chris at itoperations.com.au
Thu Sep 30 15:31:36 GMT 2004

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> >I'm intrigued! What sort of config are you running on your Samba box(es)
> >(I'm assuming it's served from a Samba box) to support that app?
> >
> >
> Nothing too special for hardware or config files, I don't have real hard
> speed numbers on the big installation since that's at a customer's site
> and it's not my baby to support them, but they were running on a Quad
> cpu E450, now it's a v240 I believe, gigabit network and a decent disk
> array.  We run a smaller config in our office that is an old Ultra 2
> with a really slow disk array but we run only 6 or so users at once.
> Oh, sorry, those are all Sun boxes if you didn't know by the numbers.
> I've run it off various other things but never for more than a couple of
> users.  By far the biggest installs *I've* run into are at this client's
> site and they don't seem to mind.

Admittedly, this place has a sub-optimal network setup; the Samba box and DB
server are plugged into one switch, which has the uplink port from another
switch plugged into it. This second switch has workstations plugged into it
and a cable running from (you guessed it) the uplink port of yet another
switch that services workstations - all connections are 100 Mb.

> This app doesn't run any database or anything, so if you're doing that
> then you could be looking at some issues.

There is a DB server in place, which is one reason I'd prefer to keep the
network traffic low as to not tie the DB server up waiting to send result
sets down the wire. The app does a lot of processing on both the client and
server side, and neither side massively efficient (hint: the DB server and
client-side libraries both come from www.guptaworldwide.com).

> I'll check the load up times when I get back into the office.  The app
> is generally a big hog so the users don't ever complain.  I've seen it
> use nearly a gig of ram before so you know it's piggy.

Sounds like an excellent testimonial to hit clients with that are
considering going with some weird MS server product....

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