[Samba] Re: Real-time file synchronisation

Jim C. jcllings at javahop.com
Thu Sep 30 15:24:21 GMT 2004

> I'm looking for a method of doing the following, given that I'm taking care
> but I hardly think a 300 MB application with 15 MB (!!) executables (about 8
> of them) is really suitable for being "deployed" in that fashion.

rsync is available on both platforms and could be scripted in a bat 

Why don't you just set up an application share?  I run OpenOffice and MS 
Office from a share that I have mapped to network drives on the clients.

Also, I think if you place the files in a directory on the Linux box and 
then put links from each user directory to the application directory, 
you can even avoid mapping drives. Perms/Ownership might get tricky 
though. Should be safe, despite certain Samba bugs, since the link is 
from the user's directory to an outside directory rather than vice versa.

Real time synchronization might be a good idea for a VFS module.  One 
might even use something like that to get around having to set up 
re-directed folders etc. Could be a nice way to fool Windows into 
functioning a little more like NFS with less setup on the client side.


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