[Samba] Puzzle -- Logon/Login from Windows XP

AndyLiebman at aol.com AndyLiebman at aol.com
Thu Sep 30 14:12:33 GMT 2004

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jon at sutinen.com 
> writes:
> Long answer: a limitation of Windows is that when you connect via SMB to 
> a remote server, all connections to that server must use the same 
> credentials. If you are connected to \\sambaserver\datafiles as the user 
> *nigel* and wish to connect to \\sambaserver\frederick (which is 
> accessible only to the user *frederick*), the Windows workstation 
> attempts to connect as *nigel*. In order to connect as *frederick* you 
> must break all connections to that server. Simply put, you cannot make 
> two connections to a server from one workstation with two different sets 
> of credentials.

I think I solved the problem. By setting the "Public Share only available to 
members of the Workgroup" as "not readable by guests," Windows will now prompt 
me for a username and password when I click on the share. 

The curious thing is, Windows still doesn't ask me for a username and 
password when I click on the "Samba Server". It shows me the "Public Share" and I 
have to click on that to get the prompt. That's different behavior than when I 
click on another Windows XP workstation. I don't see any shares until I'm 

The other curious thing is, before I made the share "not readable by guests", 
I wasn't prompted for the password, but as a guest I couldn't open the folder 
anyway. I would get the "Not authorized to access this resource" message. 

Is there a problem with "map to guest = bad user" in global settings? 

BTW, I'm using Samba 3.0.2a, I believe. Came with Mandrake 10 Official. 

Andy Liebman

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