[Samba] Re: Can join domain, can't login -- LDAP PDC

Igor Belyi sambauser at katehok.ac93.org
Thu Sep 30 04:31:36 GMT 2004

Chris St. Pierre wrote:
> Thanks.  The log is attached.

Well... It looks like a job way over my head. :o(

The only thing I can see is that request come to Samba for a connection 
without any Domain or User specified and instead of letting this 
connection to be a guest connection Samba just give up and exit. Plus, 
on exit it gets a Segmentation Fault (Signal 11). I probably, shouldn't 
be surprised about this SegFault since code shows that Samba 2.9.9 isn't 
quite well adjusted to User and Domain being NULL during request. Plus, 
according to log it starts to show user as 'no' at some point instead of 
an empty string which could be an indication of memory overide... This 
also could be the cause of the "not able to login" problem you see.

So, my conclusion: Have you ever thought about moving to Samba 3.x? ;o) 
There's still some activity to patch things when they don't work well 
with Samba 3.x. Unfortunately, I couldn't say that about Samba 2.x.

Hope you find some value in my answer,

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