[Samba] Re: New here ... with an NT Group problem

Torsten E. linux-user at gmx.com
Wed Sep 29 20:51:38 GMT 2004

Igor Belyi schrieb am Mittwoch, 29. September 2004 17:55:

> Torsten E. wrote:
>> Torsten E. schrieb am Mittwoch, 29. September 2004 00:22:


>> Any idea why it does not work?
> Well... My guess is that S-1-5-21-1313674548-3619494541-1192360840 is
> SID of the domain you are trying to remove those mappings from. Is it
> the same SID 'net getlocalsid' retuns you? And since these are builtin
> groups they are always there - they just may have or may have not
> mappings to UNIX groups.
> I suspect that your problem is that you have those other mappings
> from a wrong (old?) domain: S-1-5-21-363742550-2379833043-2840705137
> and that those SIDs are mapped into your local UNIX groups instead of
> the one from your current domain.

Done ...

> So, check SID of the domain you use and then make sure that builtin
> groups from this domain are mapped to your UNIX groups.

Done ...

> Hope it helps,

For sure it did!
All those nasty groups are gone now! Thanks!!
But, to be honest, I have no real idea where they come from.
The domain is used since ~2,5 years, and it was always running on my
server here next to me.
All I did was adding an SLES9 system (for testing), but even that one
was configured to act as an BDC ...
Maybe I'll find some hints within the logfiles ...

Anyways: it works again, and that's most important right now :)

> Igor

c y

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