[Samba] Samba became Domain Member Server

Martin Hauptmann m.hauptmann at web.de
Wed Sep 29 20:47:48 GMT 2004

Hi group,

I have problems with a former Samba-server. It has been a simple server, no acl-stuff,not a DC or so.

Now we have a Windows 2003 PDC and I intergated the Samba-Server as a Domain Member Server.

Everything works fine, except one annoying thing:
I cannot allow the Domain-Members to full-access the files recursively.

The users complain, that they can make an excel-sheet and save it. When someone else opens it, he cannot overwrite it. When the owner of the file gives the right to all domain-users to change the file they can do that.But when they save it, it is the same game again: Nobody else can overwrite it.

I am not a member of this group but I hope you will answer my question :-)


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