[Samba] Switch profile from local to roaming?

Thomas M. Skeren III tms3 at fskklaw.com
Wed Sep 29 20:16:13 GMT 2004

> Not sure if this is the 'approved' way to do things like this, but it 
> always works for me when I have to migrate a profile from one dir to 
> another, usually I use it when switching domains, i.e. from our 'one 
> domain per site' to one global domain where the sid just can't 
> match.... ANYWAY
> 1. Copy said user's profile to a backup location
> 2. Move the 'Default User' profile someplace so that it isn't in the way
> 3. Copy said user's old profile to Default User
> 4. Log in as said user, the default profile will copy to the user's 
> profile
> 5. Move real 'Default User' back

You rock dude.  Never had to do this before.  Didn't realize ntuser.dat 
was SID locked.  The above works PERFECTLY for my purposes. 


> Now there will be some things that aren't migrated but that depends a 
> lot on your setup and what programs you run.  For the most part, 
> everything involving the SID that Windows knows about will be migrated 
> in my experience.

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