[Samba] Switch profile from local to roaming?

Thomas M. Skeren III tms3 at fskklaw.com
Wed Sep 29 19:38:16 GMT 2004

Been working on this for a while Misty.  Stay tuned.


Misty Stanley-Jones wrote:

>I've got a WinXP machine that was configured for local profiles.  I have now 
>joined that machine to the domain, but when I try to log in as a user, it 
>tries to use a roaming profile.  Fine, that's what I want anyway.  But it 
>doesn't do the smart thing and copy the user's local profile to roaming -- it 
>gives an error instead.  OK, no problem, I will change the type.  I log in as 
>local admin and go to her profile.  It only gives me Local as an option.  
>Maybe it's because I'm not logged into the domain.  OK, I log into the domain 
>as Administrator (alias root -- uid of 0).  It doesn't even let me SEE her 
>profile then.  Because it is local, I assume.  So ok, I add 
>MYDOMAIN\Administrator as a local administrator on her machine.  It lets me 
>see her profile now but I still can't change it to roaming.  And every time I 
>try to copy it into either Administrator's directory on the server, or hers, 
>it gives me Permission Denied.  
>So what is the real way to get this accomplished?

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