[Samba] Switch profile from local to roaming?

Paul Gienger pgienger at ae-solutions.com
Wed Sep 29 18:08:24 GMT 2004

>doesn't do the smart thing and copy the user's local profile to roaming -- it 
That would actually be a very *dumb* thing to do.  These are two users 
from two different worlds as far as Windows is concerned.  If you were 
to look at the SIDs of them (windows version of UID) you would see they 
arent even close.

>So what is the real way to get this accomplished?
Not sure if this is the 'approved' way to do things like this, but it 
always works for me when I have to migrate a profile from one dir to 
another, usually I use it when switching domains, i.e. from our 'one 
domain per site' to one global domain where the sid just can't match.... 

1. Copy said user's profile to a backup location
2. Move the 'Default User' profile someplace so that it isn't in the way
3. Copy said user's old profile to Default User
4. Log in as said user, the default profile will copy to the user's profile
5. Move real 'Default User' back

Now there will be some things that aren't migrated but that depends a 
lot on your setup and what programs you run.  For the most part, 
everything involving the SID that Windows knows about will be migrated 
in my experience.

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