[Samba] Trust

Šopík Bronislav xsopik00 at stud.fit.vutbr.cz
Wed Sep 29 13:36:57 GMT 2004

Dear All, 
I want to make a trust between to Samba domains. I make all as is writed in
samba  documentation. But I alwais get a fail message when I want enstablish a

My steps:
Trusting domain is DOMA
Trusted domain is DOMB
1.  In trusted domain I create a unix user DOMA$
2.  In trusted domain I create a samba user:
              smbpasswd -a -i DOMA
3.  After then I trying create a trust from trusting domain with tjis command
        net rpc trustdom establish DOMB

But I get an error Couldn't verify domain account. Error was

I don't know where is a fail.

Thanks, Sopik Brona

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