[Samba] Puzzle -- Logon/Login from Windows XP

Holger Krull holger.krull at gmx.de
Wed Sep 29 11:34:55 GMT 2004

> How do you define and create a domain? And is it difficult to maintain a 
> domain as the users change? 

Read Samba-HOWTO-Collection.pdf. It comes with samba.
Make your server a primary domain controller. Just a entry in smb.conf.
Add your Workstations.
Adding users is no problem.

Test before you change your server.

> And what if the Samba server is just one of many servers on a network that 
> might have other domains and domain servers? And what if the workstations have 
> to access other domains? This is the sort of environment where my system has to 
> work. 

Read about trust relationships. But things can get messy. Who is 
managing the other servers? Ask them to join existing domain?

>>Maybe you write a script that mounts the shares with net use and give 
>>the samba username with /user:name * to ask for the password.
> Any clues about how to write that script. I'm not a samba expert. 

That's not samba issue. More a Windows thing.
Try if giving
net use \\your_server_name\IPC$ /user:validsambausername *
in cmd.exe helps before connecting to the server

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