[Samba] security in samba

Shashi Kanth Boddula sboddula at novell.com
Wed Sep 29 12:57:56 GMT 2004

     In my company , we have 25 HP printers at different floors. All 
printesr are configured on  One Linux  Machine. Each printer has one 
administrator. My  task is share the printer to that  particular 
     For example if i have 2 printers  ( HP1  and HP2) , i want to share

HP1 printer to only and HP2 printer to only  
   If we use  host  allow & host deny in global  { or  (or) and } shared

section, the behaviour is not meets my requirement.  
   if use valid users  in shared section, it's not working properly. On
windows, when i connect with valid username and passwd , it gives a
credentials conflict error. 
   Please , can any one give suggestions on this.  
shashi kanth  

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