[Samba] Re: Can join domain, can't login -- LDAP PDC

Igor Belyi sambauser at katehok.ac93.org
Wed Sep 29 02:48:22 GMT 2004

Chris St. Pierre wrote:
> nscd doesn't appear to be running:
> # ps -ef | grep nscd | grep -v grep

Ok, my guess was wrong. :o)

> Also, it doesn't seem like that explanation would jive with the errors
> smbd is throwing.  Or am I missing something?

You've shown that Samba got "Signal 11" which can mean almost any 
internal problem. The interesting part of the log is what happens 
_before_ "Signal 11" was thrown.

I don't have Samba 2.2.9 installed by I can load and look into its code 
for you if you give me your 'log level=10' trace from the moment of 
login to the first "Signal 11 in pid".


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