[Samba] two SAMBA Server with common password base

Lee Niorant lee.niorant at izydom.com
Tue Sep 28 18:44:33 GMT 2004


I'm trying to get a simple configuration with 2 SAMBA servers, one with the main smbpasswd [->/etc/passwd], the second connecting to the first. Both servers are more ore less equivalent from the type of shares they are offering.

I tried having to configure the first as a PDC, the second as a member of the PDC. However I got confused in configuring both servers. I tried having winbind, nmbd, ... change the nsswitch.conf ... but I'm not able to access any shares from the second server (cannot fetch account...)

[WinXP] =====> share:[SERVER2]=====> [SERVER1:passwd] does not work!

Do you know any FAQ or simple configuration sample ?

(maybe the easiest solution is to have nis-server on one and nis-client on the second AND have both samba servers with "security=user": in this case the password management is transparent for both Samba Servers?? (<= I've never played with NIS for now so I don't know what I can exactly expect from such a configuration)


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