[Samba] Samba 3.0 VFS recycle

Jason Balicki kodak at frontierhomemortgage.com
Tue Sep 28 16:31:13 GMT 2004

I'm trying to set up the recycler module in 3.0.7, but no
matter what I do Samba seems to ignore it, even though
testparm shows no errors.

It's VERY difficult to tell from the HOWTO what exactly
you're supposed to put in smb.conf, so I'm making stabs
in the dark.  I'm frustrated too, so sorry if some of
this comes out wrong.

I've tried tacking these on to a test share stanza:

vfs object = recycle:repository="recycler/%U"


vfs object = recycle:repository
repository: repository="recycler/%U"

(both based on short messages I've found by John T.
Unfortunately, none of them have an actual example,
just a list of the parameters and no indication of
how you're supposed to USE those parameters.  The
second attempt above was based on the VFS TEST
example in the HOWTO:
	comment = VFS TEST
	writeable = yes
	browsable = yes
	vfs objects = example:example1 example example:test
	example1: parameter = 1
	example: parameter = 5
	test: parameter = 7)

Anyway, testparm doesn't complain about either of
these, but Samba appears to just ignore them (nothing
shows up in the "recycler" directory when I delete
a test file).

I'm making these changes on a live system, so I'm
just sending smbd a HUP.  Do these changes require
a full restart of smbd?

Could some kind soul with a working recycle config
in 3.0.x please provide the revelant snippet of your

In conjunction with this, when I had this running
under 2.2.x, you could specify multiple values
by using a |, but there's no indication as to how
to specify multiple values (such as with exclusions)
in this new paradigm.

For example, in the old recycle.conf I had:

exclude = *.tmp|*.temp|*.o|*.obj|~$*

But the new documentation simply says:

recycle:exclude List of files that should not be put
into the recycle bin when deleted, but deleted in
the regular way.

Ok, so, where do I put this?  How do I specify the
list?  Is it a comma seperated list?  Just spaces?
Do I use a "|"?  Do I just put:

recycle:exclude = "*.tmp|*.temp|*.o|*.obj|~$*"

in the share stanza?  Or does it have to be
on the "vfs options =" line?

These are the places I've looked for answers:

the smb.conf man page
the HOWTO collection
the Samba by Example book (and PDF, in case
they were different)
the samba developers guide
the samba docs directory
google (samba 3.0 recycle | samba 3.0 VFS recycle |
samba 3.0 VFS example | samba 3.0 VFS ...)

The distro is RH7.3 and Samba was installed via
src rpm.

And when I say "HOWTO" above, I'm referring to
the "Samba-HOWTO-Collection" that comes with
the Samba sources.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give


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