[Samba] Configure Samba 3 to auth off a MIT KDC.

Bruce Marriner bmarriner at appss.com
Tue Sep 28 12:54:27 GMT 2004

>Perhaps I proposed the patch to the wrong audience.  There are some
>people who have an existing Kerberos site, and have even followed the
>painful Microsoft howto on joining an MIT realm, and wish Samba to play
>This is certainly not possible with Win98, so I suggest you instead just
>setup a normal Samba domain.

   Now that's quite a let down I was sure this was possible from 
somewhere :).  All the clients currently login to Samba and the only 
thing I was wanting samba to do is check their password off the KDC 
server.  They don't need to login to the KDC or be given a ticket - just 
use it as a password database.  Is there no pam options where I could 
use pam_krb5 or something along those lines? 

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