[Samba] winbind error message: krb5_cc_get_principal failed (No such file or directory)

Jan Appenroth jan.appenroth at dtnet.de
Tue Sep 28 10:01:48 GMT 2004

Hello List,

I successfully joined a Suse 9.0 Server with Samba 3.0.6 to a W2K3 DC, following the guide from  http://www.wlug.org.nz/ActiveDirectorySamba

My setup seems to work okay, but whenever I start/restart winbind, I get the following message:

[2004/09/24 10:26:54, 1] nsswitch/winbindd.c:main(854)
  winbindd version 3.0.6-SUSE started.
  Copyright The Samba Team 2000-2004
[2004/09/24 10:26:55, 1] libsmb/clikrb5.c:ads_krb5_mk_req(313)
  krb5_cc_get_principal failed (No such file or directory)

What does that mean? It does not tell which file/directory is missing. Is there something wrong in my Kerberos setup?
As mentioned above, everything seems to work, I joined the domain and after some additions to my pam modules I could authenticate domain users to the linux machine.

At first there were problems with "lost connections" to the DC, but after deactivating smb signing at the DC those problems vanished.

Output of "wbinfo -t|u|g" and so on also seems fine.

Yet this kerberos error message pesists.

Just wondering...


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