[Samba] Need to connect using AD creds with and without NIS equiv

Hugh Caley Hugh_Caley at affymetrix.com
Mon Sep 27 22:42:13 GMT 2004

I'm setting up a Samba 3 server, and I'd like to use ADS to authenticate 
users that have AD accounts but only some of which have NIS accounts, 
and in addition some of the NIS usernames are different in case from the 
AD account names.

So, for instance, I have one user who is AD only, and another who has 
both AD and NIS accounts, and the AD username doesn't match the NIS 
username in case, so he has a line in smbusers:

hcaley = HCaley

Is there a way I can allow both the AD-only user to connect, and the 
AD/NIS user to connect and use his unix UID/GID?


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