[Samba] Re: VFS Extended Auditing Module Debug Information

rruegner robert at ruegner.org
Mon Sep 27 16:23:43 GMT 2004

log level = 0 vfs:2 didnt worked at my setup
no idea why, maybe suse special
log level = vfs:2 works
as far ive tested it

also not working
log file = /var/log/samba/%U.%m.log
i posted it to John as far no answer.
But John cant answer to everything, as i know.
i want really have such log files
any idea why this is not working?
Marco De Vitis schrieb:
> Il 23/09/2004, alle ore 14:40, rruegner ha scritto:
>>         log level = vfs:2
> According to what John wrote, this is wrong. It should be something like:
> 	log level = 0 vfs:2
>>a deletion is named unlinked ( sound miracle to me )
> That's correct: on Linux files are not really deleted, they are simply
> "unlinked".

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