[Samba] PDC for XP: empty desktop and desktop.ini showing up

rruegner robert at ruegner.org
Mon Sep 27 14:17:44 GMT 2004

Hi Florian,
the profile for a new user is produced
by the win client machine the user is logged in for the first time.
The profile is created ( stored ) when this user logs of.
So the first time profile is the first time profile from the win machine
( whatever this is designed ) , so if you have leaving this all at default
it is the win standard thema relating to the win version.
Therfor you should not mix the win versions if you use  roaming profiles.
The default function from profiles is to cache the profiles on the local 
  win client too, so it merges the cache and the server profile
at login this produces miracles sometimes, so best way is to to stop
caching of profiles on the client machines , this can be done by
reg entries or policies ( ntconfig.pol ).
After all ,things that you do to a profile ( maybe set showing hidden 
files of explorer etc ) are stored in the profile, and for sure should 
be stored on samba at logout, relogin should bring up the last time 
created entries.
Yes i have win xp srv pack 2 german clients.
did you controlled if the profile gets really stored at logout,
perhaps you have permissions problems on the profile share
so it cant be rewritten at logout
the log should show up more info

Florian Effenberger schrieb:
> Hi Robert,
>> that sounds miracle to me cause this works at my setup very well
>> suse 9 samba 3.07 ldap pdc
>> where have you implemented
>> hide files = /desktop.ini/ntuser.ini/NTUSER.*/ ?
>> you have to it in the profiles share , if you have a extra one
>> or in the home section , if you configured samba to hold the profile 
>> in the home share for beeing compatible with win 98,
>> be sure that your profile is realy loaded from samba , and not
>> a caching one from the client machine.
>> I recommend to setup a new test user , let win xp create
>> the brand new profile, make your setups, log out log in
>> so normally you will see the problem solved
> You were right, adding it to the specific shares helped me out, thanks a 
> lot!
> However, I still get this "funny" profile with an empty desktop and no 
> XP style, so it seems that something is just not correct. Do you use XP 
> as a client to your PDC? How does your profile look when you log on for 
> the first time?
> Thanks
> Florian

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