[Samba] Poblems with RaiserFS

Hannu Tikka hannu.tikka at rpkk.fi
Mon Sep 27 12:35:56 GMT 2004

Same here: three servers with different kind of raid systems and samba
ldap reiser on suse, no probs


> Hi,
> i have no problems with samba ldap reiser on suse, but this may vari on
> other distros
> Regards
> Adam Tauno Williams schrieb:
>>>does anyone have also problems with Samba, OpenLDAP and RaiserFS?
>>>We have a LDAP on three servers and only the one who runs under RaiserFS
>>>crashed every week.
>>>Whats your opinion?
>> Once upon a time we used Reiserfs, and had problems.  Move to another
>> filesystem,  like XFS.  But I don't think this really has anything to do
>> Samba or OpenLDAP.

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