[Samba] hiding guests' workgroups from the browse tree

Simone Cittadini simonec at comvert.com
Mon Sep 27 11:46:10 GMT 2004

In my company there's no day without some external collaborator / friend 
plugging their client PC to the net.
I'd like the browsing of shares not showing their workgroup's names, is 
it possible ?
Since from a rapid research it seems is not possible in windows I 
suppose is either not directly possible with samba, what I'm asking for 
is some kind of hack (iptables rule ?) maybe someone is already using 
with success ...
(It's not a security concern, if the workgroups are still reachable 
knowing the path of the share i don't care, only I don't want to see :

--Shared Documents

it's annoying isn't it ?

Simone Cittadini
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20126 Milano - ITALY
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