[Samba] "Trans2 request" after an "andx create request" problem (bug?)

Maarten van der Heijden Maarten at vdg-nederland.com
Mon Sep 27 10:06:51 GMT 2004

Hello everyone,


I'm currently writing an SMB client program but I ran into a nasty bug.
The problem occurs if I send an trans2 request (find first2 for example)
after an andx create request; the returned error in the trans2 request
is STATUS_INVALID_INFO_CLASS. I have no idea what that means...did not
find any information regarding this. 

The error/problem does not occur when I don't send an "andx create
request" and just the trans2 request.


In samba 3(.0.6), this error can be ignored because the requested
information is returned. In samba 2.2.4 (for example) however no
information is returned and the error really is a problem.


Am I missing something in the order in which some request are te be
send, or is it something else ? I'm at a loss here...


Any help is appreciated!!





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