[Samba] must use dns-name for shares

Alexander Tamm alex at hanken.fi
Mon Sep 27 09:08:50 GMT 2004


We recently upgraded from 3.0.2a to 3.0.7 and are having problems with 
using shares. Our Win2K-clients must use the dns-name of the 
samba-server to use the shares
eg. \\smbserv.domain.com\share
instead of
Otherwise the user is asked for username and password, but is refused 
access, regardless of whether the password is right or wrong. However, 
if a wrong password is given several times, the user is locked out from 
the AD. (PDC is a Win2K-server.)

The NT-boxen, OTOH must use the form \\smbserv\share.

Any advice on where to start looking for errors?


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