[Samba] Re: Problem joining domain

Pedro Silva psilva at dcc.online.pt
Sun Sep 26 19:55:00 GMT 2004

>> Wich user should I be using to perform joining? It's root right? And 
>> what about
>> the pasword, isn't it the same of ldap? If it isn't where do I set it?
> You should use your root password, not the one you setup for 
> "cn=root,dc=dcc" to login into LDAP with.
> Another approach will be to have some other normal user account (like 
> Administrator) and specify it as a domain admin, by adding the following 
> into smb.conf:
> admin users = Administrator
> Then you will need to use this user and its password to add machines 
> into Domain. After authenticating as this user, Samba will become root 
> and will use 'ldap admin' identity and the password set with 'smbpasswd 
> -w' to access LDAP.
> Hope it helps,
> Igor

Ok, this worked for me, but only with a user different from root....


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