[Samba] Implementing samba3/LDAP system across several schools

Jim Potter jim at gangermin.co.uk
Sun Sep 26 09:41:19 GMT 2004

Hi All,
    I am looking into the feasability of using Samba/LDAP for domain 
control across several schools in my area, and would be interested to 
hear of anyone who has any experience/thoughts on how this could work.
    The schools share a community learning resource centre, and I am 
looking for ways for all users to be able to log in at their own 
schools, and also at the learning resource centre using the same 
credentials, and be able to see thier documents from both (all connected 
by 2-10M lines at present, which will probably be adequate).
    Each institution needs to be a secure self sufficient entity within 
its own right, allowing access to its list of users (and their work) to 
the resource centre.
    A big problem I see is duplicate user names between schools.

Any hints/tips/comments/feedback would be very welcome.


Jim Potter

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