[Samba] I finde the files but I cannot open them!

Tim Locke locket at integrant.ca
Fri Sep 24 21:00:19 GMT 2004

>Hi, I just upgraded my one of my servers to 3.0.7 using the rpms for
suse 8.2.
>now, hell has broken loose. The clients may log on, open shares, browse
folders, but they cannot open files!
>Using smbclient I see that samba starts the transfer, than aborts. 
>In my log I find a whole bunch of errors saying:
>Sep 14 11:24:39 mail2 smbd[4464]: [2004/09/14 11:24:39, 0]
>Sep 14 11:24:39 mail2 smbd[4464]:   read_socket_data: recv failure for
>4. Error = Connection reset by peer
I am having this problem as well. Google finds a few other people with this
problem but never any response explaining how to fix it. If this is fixable
(aside from reverting from 3.0.7) would someone please post it?
Greatly appreciated.
Tim Locke

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