[Samba] Mixed Network Issues

Jim Beard beard at counterclaim.com
Fri Sep 24 18:41:22 GMT 2004

On Sep 24, 2004, at 11:15 AM, Jason Balicki wrote:
> what you've tried.

Mainly I have spent time verifying that the windows network settings 
seem correct.  I have made sure that everyone is in the same work 
group, etc...  I haven't spent a lot of time debugging this issue since 
I'm not sure what would be the most effective way to address it.

> your version of Samba.

Version 2.2.7a

> your network topology / network hardware.

It's a pretty small network.  Our DSL feeds into a router, the router 
handles DHCP for our network devices.  We have two central switches, 
the first handles all our workstations, the second switch is behind the 
first switch and handles all our servers.  Our servers have static IPs 
while our workstations get them from the DHCP server.

> It *sounds* like a switch died.  Or the
> new XP box grabbed an IP that belongs to the
> Samba server.

Most of our workstations, 70% or so, are working fine with our servers. 
  We have at least 5 XP systems that have no problems seeing our samba 
shares and the rest of our network.  None of the Linux machines are 
having any networking issues.  Also, the machines that DO NOT see the 
samba shares or the other networked machines DO see the Internet and 
can browse to our local Intranet-website.

The newer XP machine seemed to be given an acceptable IP that would not 
conflict with our other devices.


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