[Samba] Configure Samba 3 to auth off a MIT KDC.

Bruce Marriner bmarriner at appss.com
Fri Sep 24 17:45:27 GMT 2004

     I have a Samba 3 server running as my domain controller and want to 
configure it to authenticate user passwords off a MIT KDC server that
is already up and running.  I have the KDC client software installed on 
the Samba box and it will authenticate users using it's tools.
I have been looking for some sort of a how-to but I have not found 
anything that works or explains much very well.  Most of them
give rough examples on how to connect to a Windows ADS but that's not 
what I'm doing.  I would appreicate it if anyone here
knows of a working how-to on setting up this configuration.  Currently 
my smb.conf contains the following lines (among others). 

   realm = REALMNAME.COM
   security = ADS
   encrypt passwords = yes

When I try to connect to the samba server the smbd kicks out the error  :
check_ntdomain_security: could not fetch trust account password for 

  From what I have read this relates to Samba not being 'connected' to 
the ADS realm (which I do not have).  I have however
attempted the command net ads join which returns various errors. 


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