[Samba] Group Policy on Samba - is it possible?

Tomasz Chmielewski mangoo at interia.pl
Fri Sep 24 16:57:24 GMT 2004

 >> Is it possible to use Group Policies in Samba (or Samba + OpenLDAP 
 >> I want to replace Active Directory with Samba (and possibly some other
 >> tools like OpenLDAP), and Group Policy is a feature I need to have.

> 1) no, GPO is not supported by Samba
> 2) yes, You can still use LGPO (which stands for Local GPO)

Well, I'm not very familiar with Windows administration.

Will LGPO allow me to make software installation (I know GPO allows it, 
i.e. when a certain PC or a certain user logs in, I can easily 
install/upgrade desired software on that machine / for that user - 
without user knowing anything - I think this is called IntelliMirror).

Will it be possible with Samba?


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