[Samba] Automating Windows Update

rruegner robert at ruegner.org
Fri Sep 24 09:01:15 GMT 2004

hi there are many ways to do a windows update,
using a win workstation with a special designed install pack of sus 
server which can be free downloaded at ms and setting policies to use it 
is one way which works very well and is free of costs.
Other possibilies is seen is a dos script from the german magazin ct
which does it quite well, and simular i ve seen as perl script.
But having a susserver is quite the best way,
samba is a file server , windows update is more like a webserver funktion,
its thinkable to store updates on samba , but you need to have the 
checking mechanism , which update should be done, so the best way is to 
use the win implemented service features.
fo more info look

jan ardosa schrieb:

> Hi guys I was just wondering if there's already a way to automate the process of updating Windows to be specific XP. My idea is to mimic how a Windows server domain controller can rollout critical update on the entire domain. Can Samba do this? Thanks for any info
> Jan Ardosa
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