[Samba] Re: Samba public directory on FreeBSD

Alex de Kruijff freebsd at akruijff.dds.nl
Fri Sep 24 01:14:18 GMT 2004

> Thanks for the info.
> In 'The Complete FreeBSD' (4th edition), on page 70: "Use the rest
> of the space on disk for a /home file system, as long as it's 
> possible to back it up on a single tape.  Otherwise, make multiple file
> systems.  /home is the normal directory for user files."
> In the online handbook,
> http://www.freebsd.org/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/books/handbook/install-steps.html,
> Table 2-2: "/usr   Rest of disk   All your other files will typically be stored in /usr and its subdirectories."
> Alrighty, then.  I am confused.  On the 3 boxes that I just installed
> FreeBSD 4.9 on, none of them even have a /home or a /usr/home directory.  
> So, there certainly isn't a /home partition.  Is /home created as its
> own slice in 5.x?  


do a 'll -d /home' and it show you have you're home dictory is. Mine
(5.2) is in /usr/home (the default).

I usaly skip the cration of /tmp and create a /disk/ and have this
kind of stuff there. (web, ftp, samba, temp (tmp, ports-work,
ports-dist, obj), ect). I name it disk so that it feels more natural
when I discover I need antoher thing on it.

> These boxes have 80 GB hard drives and have the majority of that
> capacity contained in /usr.
> Based on all this advice and research, I think I will create a new
> directory under /usr called /home.  Under this, I'll create 
> /samba/public  (full path: /usr/home/samba/public).
> Any objections, or comments?

Be sure to check with du -sh /usr how much you use. I have X and
everything else and need at least 3.7G (of course I do not have the
distfiles and obj directories on that. And have doubled this to a total
of 8.2G for future grouwth.

You can set a qouta for disk useage. This is native in FreeBSD (may need
to compile a special kernel) and there is also a opion in Samba. I never
used the latter,

Also you could be able to mount /usr by NFS of a other box while you
change sizes. This way you have acces to tools like vi and such. 


Articles based on solutions that I use:

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