[Samba] Avoiding the desktop.ini notepad popup on startup, and other hidden files.

Samuel Partida samuel.partida at eccandalucia.org
Fri Sep 24 00:07:32 GMT 2004

Hi there, we had some problems with that issue, i know it is covered and i 
solved it with veto file = /*ktop.ini/ etc...

But now i'm thinking about it again, it's because Windows XP saves  some 
metainformation in some hidden files, one of them is desktop.ini, which is 
very annoying because notepad is opened on every user session, but, there is 
another file, thumbs.db, it becomes visible on remote shares and roaming 

My question is: it is possible to mantain the functionallity of those files 
while make them hidden? Maybe with hide files?

If I use hide files instead of veto files for desktop.ini will dissapear the 
problem of the notepad pop up?

I'm going to make another Samba server for testing those things but I'm short 
of time now so if someone know the answer it would help a lot. :)

Thanks and excuse my english!!

Samuel Partida

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