[Samba] and XP home

rruegner robert at ruegner.org
Thu Sep 23 21:09:13 GMT 2004

hi this is a network browsing problem,
setup either samba as wins server , or
a win nt server acting as wins server, configure
all your clients to use the wins servers ip, having a dns server may 
help the browsing, you can use a dhcp server or static entries or host 
files as well, study browsing from the samba how to or ms technet
dont use any firewall on the clients first until you tested it

Shane schrieb:
> Hi, I need advice.  I have a bunch of XP PC's, as well as Win98 on a 
> network with a samba share.  The 98 machines, and some of the XP's can 
> see the share(Suse8.2), but not other XP's ?.  Any pointers would be 
> gratefully received.  No smb passwords used.  samba share is completely 
> open...using "map to guest" on bad password
> Shane

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