[Samba] Re: Samba public directory on FreeBSD

W. D. WD at US-Webmasters.com
Thu Sep 23 19:46:55 GMT 2004

At 13:20 9/23/2004, knowtree at aloha.com wrote:
>> What is recommended for a public, 'free-for-all',
>> anyone can read or write directory on FreeBSD?
>> What are the reasons for preferring one place 
>> over another?
>> Would these work?
>> /usr/local/share/sambapublic/
>> /usr/share/sambapublic/
>> /home/sambapublic/
>I recommend a separate partition, so that when it eventually gets filled up
>-- and these things always do -- your system will not be adversly affected.
>You can mount the partition wherever you want. In your three examples,
>"sambapublic" could be a file system mounted on /usr/local/share,
>/usr/share, or /home.

Thanks for the info.  I just wanted to stick with the FreeBSD
standard if there was one.

How can I add a new partition?  Can that be done after the OS
and data are on the drive?  What program?  What would it be

>What we are talking about here is the OS view. To the Windows user what
>counts is the share name. On server fattoad, any one of these directories
>could be shared out as "pub" (or whatever name you like). The windows users
>will not see the OS pathname.

Understood.  That's a neato feature of Samba.

>Gary Dunn
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