[Samba] Help, Phantom directories-missing data

John H Terpstra jht at samba.org
Thu Sep 23 18:07:04 GMT 2004


Please document how to reproduce this problem. We need specific step-by-step 
instructions to permit this to be investigated.

- John T.

On Thursday 23 September 2004 12:23, Greg Talbot wrote:
> I have documented this problems 3 times now am am currently experiencing
> the worst one yet.
> I have samba shares that come up missing after a machine reboot while
> clients are connected to some shares.
> It seems to only be those directories that are mapped to samba, the
> share's still show up via a windows client but no data.  (like missing 20
> gigs) Even from teh Linux machine, I cant see the data.  The last time this
> happened a couple reboots and my data reappeared.  Is this filesystem
> related? Anyone ever heard of this?  This time after 3 reboots some of teh
> dir structure has returned, but no data yet...
> Fedora core 1/ Samba 3/ ext3
> thanks
> --gt

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