[Samba] Per-alias shares?

Denis Vlasenko vda at port.imtp.ilyichevsk.odessa.ua
Thu Sep 23 16:37:33 GMT 2004

> > Maybe you know yet another trick - is in possible to arrange
> > so that when someone connects to \\box\share, samba ignores
> > login username and validates user with:
> >
> > login=share
> > password=<user-supplied password> ?
> >
> > This will allow poor souls from Win9x boxes (which as you know
> > are unable to supply usernames, only passwords) to supply username
> > as a share name. Whatever I try with [default] and/or [homes] section,
> > I can't achieve this...
> No so! Install the appropriate Windows Network driver on Win9X, and get it to 
> log onto the domain. Then set the registry setting using the policy editor so 
> that no user can log on without prior validation. This definitively solves 
> your problem. A samba hack is entirely the wrong approach.

Yes, win9x uses local user name of the logged-in user for all subsequent
network logins, AFAIK. This will work if all other machines on the network
are domain members.

However, if that user subsequently wants to log in to another samba box
which is _not_ a member of the domain and does not allow this user to log in
with that username, [s]he will see a password prompt *only*,
whereas user sitting on NT box will see a prompt
with both username *and* password.

Or am I missing another way to log into such samba box?

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