[Samba] Unable to map or view resources by name

Jetkins at austinlogistics.com Jetkins at austinlogistics.com
Thu Sep 23 16:15:25 GMT 2004

Christian Merrill <cmerrill at redhat.com> wrote on 09/23/2004 10:29:33 AM:

> Sounds like you're running into either the kerberos compatibility errors 

> we see with win2k3 or the newest problem where people upgrade from 
> 3.0.6+ and then start encountering apparent kerberos failures in win2k 
> environments.  Do you see any "Failed to verify incoming ticket!" errors 

> in /var/log/samba files?

Yes.  Per my original note:

>> the drive mapping only works 
>> if I specify the share name with the server's IP address: 
>> \\\share1.  If I try using the server's name - 
>> \\sambasvr\share1 - the authentication fails and I see the following in 

>> the corresponding client's log file on the server:
>> [2004/09/22 13:23:15, 1] smbd/sesssetup.c:reply_spnego_kerberos(173)
>>   Failed to verify incoming ticket!

The AD server is Win2k, not 2k3.  I have not tried this with a Samba 
version before3.0.6, as that is the version that came bundled.  Odd that 
it works fine if I specify the server address, but not the name - 
hopefully that will prove useful in identifying the problem.


Jon Etkins
IT Administration & Support
Austin Logistics, Inc

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