[Samba] Which distribution to rollout

Stuart Highlander fsb at ntwsdb.com
Thu Sep 23 15:10:48 GMT 2004

i had the same situation here.  i happened to be running  RH (7.2) servers
and addressing vulnerabilities started to become an issue.

i went the fedora route with few problems, most of my own making.  the
upgrades went relatively smoothly.  initial issues dealt with the upgrade
picking up an old config file for a nic on one server and causing my wins
server to not be able to find the server, causing domain login problems, and
minor differences between older versions of samba and samba 3.0.  fedora
stability has not been an issue here.  all they do is run, and run, and run


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> we are running an older version of RH (7.3) - and I am getting
> concerned that I may need to migrate off of it - but I dont know what
> I should move to.  Trying to formulate ideas before it becomes a 'got
> to do it now' scenario.
> I have some reservations about fedora - I just dont know how stable it
> is for a production server (our services are mainly
> samba/ldap/ntp/ssh/rsync/clamav) - we have about 15 samba servers in
> production currently.
> RHEL - well - the cost is a factor
> gentoo - takes to long to deploy
> Mandrake 10?
> What are some of the samba users recommendations?
> thanks
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