[Samba] Which distribution to rollout

Chris McKeever techjedi at gmail.com
Thu Sep 23 14:44:42 GMT 2004

we are running an older version of RH (7.3) - and I am getting
concerned that I may need to migrate off of it - but I dont know what
I should move to.  Trying to formulate ideas before it becomes a 'got
to do it now' scenario.

I have some reservations about fedora - I just dont know how stable it
is for a production server (our services are mainly
samba/ldap/ntp/ssh/rsync/clamav) - we have about 15 samba servers in
production currently.

RHEL - well - the cost is a factor

gentoo - takes to long to deploy

Mandrake 10?

What are some of the samba users recommendations?


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