[Samba] Problem with Windows 9x

"Javier D. Pérez" jdpb at telefonica.net
Thu Sep 23 10:38:05 GMT 2004


I have installed samba 3.0.7 in my debian machine and kept the file 
configuracion from my old version (2.2.6 if I remember well). With my 
old samba all worked well but now I have a only prolem:
Only a number of windows 9x can validate (about 15 or 20) but the rest 
of windows can not. In another part, windows XP and 2K work fine. I have 
set the "max smdb processes" to 1000 and I have the same result.
When I execute the command "ps -ef | grep smb | wc -l" it shows about 
20-30 processes runing.

Can anybody help me?

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