[Samba] login scripts do not run

rruegner robert at ruegner.org
Thu Sep 23 07:15:29 GMT 2004

Hi, all
you can use cpau ( run as replacement ) to make any script ( bat etc )
running with admin rights, theres also a little prog called hidecmd 
which makes the run of the netlogon invisible.
After alle the script must be readable under native linux and in the 
samba share and build with a dos compatible editor like notepad.

John H Terpstra schrieb:
> Folks,
> If you want to execute a batch or command file that will update the windows 
> client clock you need to note that only Administrator has the right 
> (privilege) to update the system clock. This means that you need to update 
> user rights and privileges so that "Everyone" or "Domain Users" can update 
> the clock. This is NOT a samba problem - it is a Windows security settings 
> issue.
> Log onto your Windows XP Pro system. Open up:
> Start->Control Panel->Administrative Tools->Local Security Settings
> In the left panel:
> Local Policies->User Rights Assignment
> In the right panel:
> Change the system time
> Give the appropriate users or groups the right to change the system time.
> Reboot the Windows XP Pro machine.
> Now when you log on the time will update as the logon script executes.
> This stuff is so simple! :)
> - John T.
> On Wednesday 22 September 2004 20:59, Raymond Lillard wrote:
>>sfjoe at spamcop.net wrote:
>>>I have a simple script that sets the time on a Windows client at
>>>The one-line script:
>>>net time \\myhost /set /yes
>>>Works perfectly well when I double-click it from Windows Explorer, so I
>>>don't think the problem lies there.
>>>The relevant lines in my smb.conf file:
>>>time server = yes
>>>logon script = smbtimeset.BAT
>>>   comment = shared scripts
>>>   path = /usr/share/samba/scripts
>>>   public = no
>>>   writable = no
>>>   browseable = no
>>>I've set the log level to '3' and there aren't any messages at all
>>>relating to running a startup script.
>>>Any ideas?
>>Well, yes I do.
>>I was looking into this earlier today.
>>You don't say enough about your workgroup/domain, but I
>>have this problem too.  In my case, I am running v3.0.6
>>as a PDC.  All of my MS clients are NT4-SP6 or better
>>(well newer anyway).  Most are WinXP.
>>What I find in the event log of WinXP clients is a message
>>to the effect that the client has joined a NT4 domain
>>(in this case, my Samba PDC) and the MS NT4 generation
>>domain server does not support NTP.
>>A bit of searching has found this:
>>This article contains two links at the bottom
>>which look promising too.
>>I'm about to start playing with it, but I would be
>>good to hear a Samba solution.  I don't like
>>hacking the registry.

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