[Samba] [Solved] Re: idmap_ad: sid to uid conversion fails

S Murthy Kambhampaty smk_va at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 22 22:49:45 GMT 2004

--- S Murthy Kambhampaty <smk_va at yahoo.com> wrote:

> > If you are using the MS SFU schema you'll need to
> > change the
> > code, should be a simple search and replace.
> > 
> Ah, I was wondering about that ...
> Now that I have though, I get the right GID mapping,
> but not the right UID mapping.  
Err ... never mind.  Deleting
/var/cache/samba/winbindd_idmap.tdb and restarting
winbind did the trick.

It's probably worth noting that for users who are
adding idmap_ad over an existing winbind setup, the
old mapping has to be deleted as above.

Thanks again for the help,

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