[Samba] Re: idmap_ad: sid to uid conversion fails

Luke Howard lukeh at padl.com
Wed Sep 22 21:37:40 GMT 2004

>The story so far goes like this:
>Without the line 
>"idmap backend = ad:ldap://<PDC's FQDN>/" in smb.conf,
>I can successfully do all of: 
>#> wbinfo -S $(wbinfo -n some_user | awk '{print
>#> getent passwd | grep some_user
>#> net ads search '(objectCategory=user)' \
>	sAMAccountName msSFU30GidNumber msSFU30UidNumber | \
>	grep -A2 some_user

idmap_ad expects RFC 2307 schema (gidNumber and uidNumber).

If you are using the MS SFU schema you'll need to change the
code, should be a simple search and replace.

-- Luke


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