[Samba] V1AGKRA 80% DISCOUNT !!

Young Salazar young_salazarbf at abel.demon.nl
Wed Sep 22 20:19:45 GMT 2004

I'm 48, and I can't believe I'm having the best of my life now thanks to 
cliallis Soft Tabs. The best part is no longer worrying about whether I'll be
hard. With this stuff, I am always stiff, without fail. 
You have to experiment with the dosage and time lag. 
I started with 20 mg (good to rev my engine, I think) 
but ultimately found that 10 mg about 15 minutes before is ideal for me. 
Lower dosage means less nasal congestion and more feeling during . 
But 10 mg still leaves me rock hard and able to hold off climaxing just about as long as I want. This stuff rocks! 
PS: I am not that writer you think of!


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