[Samba] Re: Winbind, rids, gids, uids

Josh T mortonjt at rochester.rr.com
Wed Sep 22 18:41:07 GMT 2004

Wong, G. MR EECS wrote:
> Is there any SIMPLE way to maintain consistent mappings between windows
> RIDs and UNIX/LINUX UIDs/GIDs among multiple samba servers servers
> running winbindd?  Will that problem be addressed in future samba
> releases?  I've read about the "idmap backend" possible solution but is
> that the only current one?  Help!!!

I'm looking to accomplish the same thing across two samba servers.  Both 
servers are members of a Windows 2000 AD Domain.  One's a "hot standby" 
using heartbeat/drbd under Linux so I need the UIDs of files to match on 
both.  I'm uncertain if "idmap backend" will work if winbind is getting 
the account from a Windows AD Domain Controller rather than a Samba PDC, 
and setting up LDAP seems like a lot of trouble.

So I've come up with either:

1.  Just copy winbindd_idmap.tdb from one server over the one on the 
other with samba/winbind running on both - I've tried this and it seemed 
to work ok...

2.  Use "net idmap dump" and "net idmap restore" as a "safer"(???) way 
of doing #1 above, automated via cron and ssh.

Anyone have any thoughts on either of these methods?


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