[Samba] Re: remote name change & machine account creation (Bug ?)

Pierre Dinh-van pierre at tuxfamily.org
Wed Sep 22 13:14:58 GMT 2004

Le vendredi 17 Septembre 2004 16:58, vous avez écrit :
> Finally, I looked in the samba source code, and I found a function named
> set_remote_machine_name() (in lib/substitute.c) which might be the reason
> of my problem...
> It's the first time I take a look into the samba source code, and I don't
> understand well how it works, but the param "perm" of this function seems
> to define if smbd must look (or not) for the realname of the computer.
> The only call of set_remote_machine_name() that I found which defines perm
> as True is in auth/auth_ntlmssp.c.
> set_remote_machine_name(auth_ntlmssp_state->ntlmssp_state->workstation,
> True);
> But I don't dare to change it as False because I don't understand what sort
> of problems it could generate...

With no response of the list since my last mail, I tried to change this 
parameter to False on a test server, but it didn't solved my problem 
(described in my previous mail).

I browsed (for hours) the source code at http://samba.org/doxygen/samba/, but 
I still can't find where my problem is coming from, and how I can solve it.

If someone have an idea about a method I can try to locate the buggy function, 
I would appreciate a lot.

Thanks in advance

Pierre Dinh-van

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