[Samba] Filename problem (filenames containing slashes aka.\and /)

Mark C. Casey markcc at jadepress.co.uk
Wed Sep 22 08:18:15 GMT 2004

We _cannot_ go about renaming files, for a number of reasons.. the primary being some of the files are technically not ours to alter without a clients permission (names and all) and you don't understand just how many files there are. There are quite probably thousands of files, spread across _hundreds_ of cds and dvds which comes to a total of roughly 400GB.

As to a Mac server, i'm not sure how much they cost but i'm guessing a lot for what i'm wanting.

I'm planning on building a RAID-5 fileserver running Linux (still undecided on distro) most likely running Netatalk and Samba. The server itself i'm planning for roughly 1TB of storage, possibly more. (at the moment in my plans it calls for 6x 250GB hdd's which gives me 1.2TB)

The cost of the above if I use Linux (and build it myself) comes to roughly £1000, which i'm guessing is a damn sight cheaper than a Mac equivalent server solution. (hell that's cheaper than a normal Mac tower)


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On Tue, 2004-09-21 at 09:03, Mark C. Casey wrote:
> I've since got it partially working with Netatalk.
> I can access it on OS 9 machines but not OS 10 for some reason.
> For example, I created a directory called "test / sedrs \ sfg" and according to ls the actual filename under linux is "test :2f sedrs \ sfg". So, it displays great on the Mac. So i'm sortof halfway there since the OS 10 machines cannot access the netatalk share.  :D
> Still, I would prefer if there was a way to do this using Samba 3 instead.
I have netatalk working with both OS9 & OSX clients and you should be
able to as well - new version RC2 released yesterday - but this is
beside the subject of samba

There fact that Macintosh permits usage of characters not normally
permitted in other operating systems is a liability for Macintosh and
the indifference to others naming rules (not only characters such as ?/\
but also ending a name with a space or a period) is to the Macintosh
users detriment.

I have subjected several of my clients to the 'new rules' and run
wholesale name cleanup on their existing files as it's more important to
play nicely with others than it is to unthinkingly persist in Macintosh
ignorance. The benefit is that with names that have been cleaned up and
legal means that I can use various Unix/Linux/Windows utilities to
backup/find/grep/index/tar etc. - not just Macintosh centric software on
Macintosh computers.


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